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Nadezshda Medical Clinic

In 2000, Dr. Kolev was assigned to a clinic in the Roma District of Nadezhda. A nurse was also assigned. The clinic building was a small approximately 8'x10' shack. Shortly after opening Grace Academy I in Nadezhda, members of a team went to visit Dr. Kolev to see if a relationship could be developed so he would know about the school and treat the needs of the children. A small financial donation was given to him and his nurse. At that time Dr. Kolev made the equivalent of $75 USD a month.


Dr. Kolev had no file system. He had no medications. He was limited to what he could get through the government or send critical patients to a hospital in Sliven, Bulgaria, when necessary.


Dr. Kolev's office was later moved to the Nadezhda Community Building.  When Grace Missionary Society visited him at his new office, it was determined Grace would  purchase filing shelves and folders for Dr. Kolev's Clinic, and give a donation for him to purchase medications such as antibiotics. Teams also took over-the-counter medications  and bandages to donate to the clinic.

A financial gift is carried to The Nadezhda Clinic annually and designated financial donations are transferred to the clinic for medications. Dr. Kolev is a Christian, the only doctor serving nearly 30,000 Roma and Turkish residents of Nadezhda District, Sliven, Bulgaria.

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