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Kazanlak Medical Clinic

Zhadravka Gardeva was a internal specialist medical doctor for many years while the Bulgarian government was under Communist rule. Her mother was a prayer warrior whose apartment was a haven of prayer. The

church her husband pastored in Kazanlak, Bulgaria, survived the government pressure with only a few members.


After Bulgaria became independent of Russia, Dr. Gardeva continued to practice her profession, but was able to also open a free medica clinic near her husband's church. With the economic conditions of the time, there were few medicines available, but the clinic could offer comfort and assurance to patients and pray with them about their

health and other stresses in their lives, while sharing the love of GOD through Christ Jesus.


When the son of Dr. Gardeva came to the United States to further his education to one day assume pastorship of his parent's church in Kazanlak, he was introduced to members of Grace Missionary Society. When Grace team later visited the country, they took over-the-counter medications for the clinic. Things like low-dose aspirin, Tylenol, vitamins, antibacterial soaps, and bandages were gifts the clinic could use immediately. Since that time teams have taken medications to the clinic and some designated offerings were used to purchase prescription medications to dispense to poor in the community. An elderly winter feeding program was started. Designated offerings

through Grace were used for this food distribution program.


The church is now pastored by George Gardev and his wife, Laura. The clinic opens three mornings each week giving comfort, assurance, prayer and medications to the poor of Kazanlak who have no other source. Grace continues to send designated offerings in support of the church, pastor, clinic and elderly program.

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