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A four-year church building project was completed in the village of Mokren, Bulgaria, about 2011. Grace Missionary Society provided funds for materials and the men and women of the church gave their expertise and labor. Using this cooperative method other church buildings and land have been purchased or are being remodeled. Each centralized church overseeing village churches receives $250 each summer from Grace Missionary Society for general repairs and $250 each winter for supplemental food distribution to church members. 

Nova Zagora

A church in the minority village of Nova Zagora had a team from Ukraine replace a sagging roof. A team from the U.S. installed the ceiling. The building is being prepared for a school and for the church to meet regularly.


A small privately owned building in the village of Konyovo, is too small for the growing congregation in this village. Funds were sent from Grace Missionary Society and used to purchase a corner lot in the village where a new church can be constructed.  We hope to begin construction on the new facility soon.


A church building was donated for use as a church in the small mountainous village of Tiche. However, a flood damaged a retaining wall protecting the village from a small river. Grace Missionary Society has provided funds for materials to repair the retaining wall. Drainage was also repaired along a wall to prevent seepage. 


A young pastor in the village a Gradetz has begun holding church services in a community owned building. The village has offered to sell the building to the church if repairs can be made to make it safe for attendees. The first step was to repair a men’s and women’s restroom. Donors gave to provide materials through Grace Missionary Society. Once the village approves the building, the building will be purchased. It is large enough to provide a sanctuary, classrooms, fellowship space and a youth room.


A group of young men in this small village located in the ‘Valley of the Peaches’ have been holding service in a shipping container. Grace Missionary Society has sent funds for the purchase of a corner lot. The men will begin construction of a church with classrooms for a school as soon as all paperwork for purchase is complete and approved.


A family has given through Grace Missionary Society for construction of a ministry center building adjacent to a church building in Kazanlak, Bulgaria. The expanded facility now houses Sunday School classes, a library, a facility for teen and marriage conferences, a free medical clinic, and a place for teams to stay while in Bulgaria. This support has been vital for the expansion and growth of this church in Kazanlak. The Kazanlak Church also assists orphanages in the area and a school for the deaf.



In 2015 Grace Missionary Society in conjunction with a large church in Sliven, Bulgaria, provided pastoral training for over 20 village pastors and their wives. Pastors and their wives were transported every Saturday to a centralized location where they received extensive training. 


In the Ukraine, GMS sponsors summer camps for the disabled and their caregivers.  Grace supports Igor Vafylkiv, who runs camps to provide  a social outlet for caregivers and the disabled.  They also provide a way for the disabled community to find support and resources to make their lives more meaningful and to assist them with their health and mobility needs.


Grace Missionary Society has purchased used vans for churches in Nova Zagora, Kotel and Stara Zagora. Vans are necessary to travel to small villages in the area for ministry. These vans have been necessary for taking children to summer camp, taking elderly for medical assistance, transporting families to church, and allowing ministers to visit the sick.



Grace supports 4 churches in India.  Each church is in the process of building a church building.  During this process, each of our churches are also involved in feeding programs to children and widows as well as training and discipling their members to help spread the Gospel in their areas.  The goal is to get each church to a place where it is a self-sustaining ministry that can continue on its own.

C.S. Puram, India

Grace has been supporting Pator, Prakasam in C.S. Puram fo a little over 5 years now.  Pastor Prakasam just purchased land for a church to be builtin this remote village of India.

Pastor Praksam and his sons will be building the church and they hope to have construction started by the end of February.  This part of India is in need of more churches and having this one established will be a great start!

Grace is sponsoring Jonathan, Pastor Praksam's son to go to law school.  With his education he will be able to provide ongoing financial support for his family and the new church!

Pastor Jeevan

Pastor Jeevan Babu Pastors a vibrant, growing congregation in South India. The George Palmer Prayer House Church is named after Grace Missionary Co-Founder George Palmer.  This was to honor his, and Grace's, instrumental role in the establishing of this church.  When GMS last visited this church, GMS Co-Founder Glenda Kuhn had the opportunity to name a girl dedicated at the church.  Glenda named her Hope Joy.  This church has a feeding program for orphans and widows and has a Sunday School program that focuses on children as well.

Gunter, India

Levi Murikipudi Pastors a church in his village near Gunter, India.  Grace supports his efforts to build a ministry in this area.  Grace has helped him rebuild his home to use as a church.  He has a wonderful ministry that is producing fruit.  His daughter, Sharon, is an tv evangelist in India now and uses her talents and influence to encourage others to consider Christ.  This church also supports its community with feeding programs for the poor

Pastor Melchizedek

Melchizidech Murikipudi, Levi’s brother, has built a church near his village.  Grace has helped him drill a well and finish building his church.  The building is currently holding services but there is still work to be done to complete the interior.  Melchizidek and his family will in the downstairs portion of the structure and they will be able to hold services upstairs in a space designed and designated for church services.


Son, Isaiah, is preparing to continue Pastor Melchizidek’s work once his is trained and mature enough to take over.

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